Blemish Serum

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출처: 민족 약리학 보고서 Christoph Nicolaus 2017.1.20
(In vitro studies to evaluate the wound healing properties
of Calendula officinalis extracts)
카렌둘라 Calendula
“포트마리골드꽃 추출물(카렌둘라)”은 피부의 경미한
염증과 상처 등을 치료하고 치유하는데 도움이 된다.
상처 치유의 새로운 조직 형성 단계에서
카렌둘라 추출물의 효과
는 스크래치 분석을
통하여 연구되었습니다.
Calendula officinalis (pot marigold) flower extracts have a long-lasting tradition in ethnopharmacology. Currently, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved its lipophilic and aqueous alcoholic extracts as traditional medicinal products for the treatment of minor inflammation of the skin and as an aid in the healing of minor wounds. The effect of three different extracts from Calendula flowers (n-hexanic, ethanolic, aqueous) on the inflammatory phase of wound healing was studied in human immortalized keratinocytes and human dermal fibroblasts. An electrophoretic mobility shift assay on NF-κB-DNA binding, qRT-PCR and ELISA experiments were performed. The effect of Calendula extracts on the new tissue formation phase of wound healing was evaluated by studying the migratory properties of these extracts, triterpene mixtures and single compounds in human immortalized keratinocytes using the scratch assay. Finally, the effect of the extracts on the formation of granulation tissue in wound healing was studied using bacterial collagenase isolated from Clostridium histolyticum and the determination of soluble collagen in the supernatant of human dermal fibroblasts.
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출처: 분자 의학 보고서 Janmejai K. Srivastava ph.D 2010.9.27
(Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future)
캐모마일 Chamomille
“마트리카리아꽃 추출물(캐모마일)”
인류에게 알려진 가장 오래된 약초 중 하나입니다.
통증, 상처, 궤양, 불면증 등 질병 치료에 사용되며,
캐모마일 추출물의 상처 치유 향상 효과는 문신
박피술을 받은 14명의 환자에 대한
시험에서 평가되었습니다.
Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. It is a member of Asteraceae/Compositae family and represented by two common varieties viz. German Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) and Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). The dried flowers of chamomile contain many terpenoids and flavonoids contributing to its medicinal properties. Chamomile preparations are commonly used for many human ailments such as hay fever, inflammation, muscle spasms, menstrual disorders, insomnia, ulcers, wounds, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatic pain, and hemorrhoids. Essential oils of chamomile are used extensively in cosmetics and aromatherapy. Many different preparations of chamomile have been developed, the most popular of which is in the form of herbal tea consumed more than one million cups per day. In this review we describe the use of chamomile in traditional medicine with regard to evaluating its curative and preventive properties, highlight recent findings for its development as a therapeutic agent promoting human health.The efficacy of topical use of chamomile to enhance wound healing was evaluated in a double-blind trial on 14 patients who underwent dermabrasion of tattoos.
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터치인솔이 제안하는 민감피부 케어
주요원료 연구자료 및 추천제품
출처: 공개특허 10-2009-0079277
허브 콤플렉스 4 Hub Complexes
“허브 콤플렉스 성분”은 주름 개선에 효과를 지닌
특허받은 4가지 천연 허브 콤플렉스 입니다.
라벤더, 로즈마리, 타임, 오레가노 혼합물은
항산화, 항염 및 항주름 효과를 가지는
특허받은 화장료 조성물

아토피성 피부 보호 및 피부 진정 효과를 위한
천연 소재로서 외부자극에 약한 민감성 피부를
보호하고 진정효과
를 얻을 수 있습니다.
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    : 블레미쉬 세럼

    영문상품명 : Blemish Serum
    상품 요약설명 : 약산성 밸런스 세럼
    판매가 : 48,000원
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